Terrible Day, Turned Around

I had a terrible day today. I couldn’t fall asleep yesterday so I was up until past 2am tossing and turning. So I was exhausted. And one of my classes fell flat and I realized how little an impact I was having on their learning. And even though I was trying to be productive, I got very little done. But… a friend brought me leftover cake she had. And so that totally was going to be my one good thing.

But then I got something in the mail at school, around 5pm:


Now I know that every freshperson at UChicago gets to nominate someone, and then based on the form letter and unengraved clear thingie they sent, this probably goes out to every single teacher that was nominated. (So yes, I know it’s not in the same category as an award that puts me on stage next to the president of a university at graduation.) It’s not even really an award. It’s probably more marketing than anything else.

But to me, what it tells me is that I had a student last year who said something nice about me. And after a day when I felt like I’m not doing a good job, when I’m just exhausted with my late nights working, when I don’t feel like my kids know yet how much on their side I am… and I’m wondering if I will ever get them to that point… this felt good. Because even if I am not there yet, I can get there.


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