High School Musical

In multivariable calculus, we had our second book club. But it was the first one led by students. The leaders were amazing and the discussion was rocking. Lots of good questions, lots of good thinking. Kids were drawing connections between our reading (of Abbott’s Flatland) and things they had been reading/watching for other classes (documentaries, Crime and Punishment). One kid even mentioned “Attend to your Configuration” was like:

which made me chuckle.


In Advanced Precalculus, kids saw Pascal’s Triangle for the first time, and they were SO IMPRESSED with all the things hidden within it. So many cool observations/insights!!!

pascal triangle.PNG


I had my standard Precalculus kids work on a combinatorics problem. And I thought many students would solve the problem in one way — and use pattern recognition but without a full understanding of why. Instead, I saw so much perseverance in what kids did. And almost all of them solved it a different way (involving combinations) after getting frustrated with listing everything out. The realized that listing was not efficient, and needed to have a better way to approach things. So they switched. I loved that.


I got to hang out briefly with my friend Lisa S. after school. She and I work late together, and so we did some of that working, and grabbed a super quick dinner together.




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