Second Quarter!

  • I asked students the most encouraging thing a teacher has ever told them and two students mentioned me: 1) “Every time we talk I get something meaningful out of it” 2) “I don’t care how fast you get done or if you are right, I value your thinking”
  • A student surprised me by asking about after school tutoring
  • A student left a bunch of problems on her test blank. Another teacher prodded her into trying to complete them. She came in on my plan period to try again and when she left, she thanked me for letting her do the problems she left blank. So I thanked her for coming in to actually do them. =)
  • I asked my freshmen for feedback on how things went in our class first quarter and one student burst out with “You’re a really good teacher!” And another student said this class is her favorite of the day.
  • While working on proving trig identities, one student looked at the clock and said “Aww, we only have one minute left.” More than once, students have said “Cool, I got it!” or “Yes!” after completing a problem on their own.
  • The days are still flying by for me!

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