Freshmen FTW

Today was the best parent teacher conference night of my 8-year career!

  • Every slot was full for the first time ever. All but two were freshmen parents.
  • One parent said she didn’t need to see any other teachers but she came just to tell me thank you. At this point last year her daughter had a D and she currently has an A. She’s spent three years thinking she sucked at math and now she’s been saying she’s pretty good at math. She thanked me for teaching her daughter.
  • Another mom cried and actually hugged me and told me thank you for teaching her kid.
  • A set of parents told me how they had their son late in life and he was their pride and joy. They love all his friends and classmates and bragged on what a good group of kids the ninth graders are. They take big groups of them skating and out to eat and love spending time with them.
  • A dad thanked me for the work I give because they’re previous school was at a much lower level and he breezed through without applying himself or learning much. He told me how him and his wife and their siblings all have college degrees. That is SO rare in our community.
  • More than one parent told me that I’m their child’s favorite teacher and favorite class and they love my teaching style.
  • A parent said she loved me because I update my grades right away.  {I don’t know who doesn’t….why would you grade a bunch of papers and then wait to put the grades in the grade book? That’s the easy part! P.S. I hate grading.}
  • I feel like the parents just came out in full force to pour out love for their kids and I learned so much! They assured me they would be at every event and that they love being involved.
  • I laughed and smiled all night until my throats was dry and my teeth were sore. I was hyper from so many positive interactions. What a year! I’m so excited to watch these students grow over the next four years!
  • I was so reminded of the Father’s love tonight and how he cherishes every student and adult in the same way. I am so thankful for the teaching gifts he has grown in me, his favor throughout my career, and His timing. He is a good good Father!

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