Got My Back

On Monday, I had to send a kid to the office for the first time ever. That did not go as well as planned; when he came back, he managed to convey that the principal thought what he’d done was no big deal.

Because of the PSAT, this is the first time class has met since Monday. Earlier this week, I talked to the principal. He assured me that he did think it was a big deal, apologized for giving the kid the freedom to convey that, listened to my concerns, and bent over backwards to assure me that he had my back.

Today, he stopped by the beginning of class and explained to the class that yes, it was a big deal, and that the faculty and administration is a united front. He made the kid apologize to him, to me, and to the class.

The situation that brought this on was not a good thing, but to have my authority reinforced and to be supported in such a public way was a really good thing.


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