We started implicit differentiation today in calc, a topic for which I have an odd fascination (which can be said of basically any topic in calculus, I suppose). After just a few guidelines as to what our end goal was for the day, I pulled up an example. Almost immediately I heard a kid say, “OMG we’re going to need product rule within implicit differentiation. I’m so excited.”

He was being totally serious. I wanted to bottle that moment up and preserve it forever. 

I’ve said it before, but I’d be hard-pressed to find another job where I got to do this much math all day long. Sure, sometimes my kids don’t share my enthusiasm. But sometimes they do. And that makes me a pretty happy lady. 


A girl made me pencils in the form of wands (from Harry Potter, obviously). This is a sampling:

I just…cannot. They’re perfect. 


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