I was worried about a kid in one of my classes today. I went to email his counselor, but then realized she was out of the office; so I emailed his assistant principal instead. 

Within minutes, the AP was in my classroom and had asked the student to go back to his office to talk. 

During my plan, the principal came back to my room to let me know how things were going. 

I’m still a little worried for the kid, but this theme–the way I can call on another adult in the building and s/he will come to help a kid within moments–is a theme I’ve been noticing a lot this year. I don’t feel like I’m on an island by myself trying to save each and every kid. I know the support team I have in other teachers, in counselors, and in principals. They come beside me every day and remind me that we are all in this together. 

It’s a relief when you realize what a phenomenal team you work with. I think helping kids is contagious: the more you see how big others’ hearts are for students, the more your heart opens to those kids, too. 


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