A card

One of my Intermediate students had a bad day yesterday. My co-teacher and I tried to talk to her after class, but it basically blew up in our faces. She stormed out of the room crying and cussing (not at us…just about her current situation). We begged her to stay, insisting she wasn’t in trouble, but it didn’t work. She fled. 

Our hearts hurt for her. 

In those moments, I realize that I had a very magical childhood in many ways. I never would have acted like that in front of adults…not because I “was raised better than that,” but simply because I was spared the kind of hurt that produces defensiveness. 

We couldn’t get her to listen to the words of life that we wanted to speak into her (at least not in that moment), so last night I made her a card and attempted to convey all that I love about her. I had it delivered to the class she has before mine. 

And then I just hoped that she would come again. 

She did come. When I met her at the door, she wrapped her arms around me (this is a small miracle in and of itself) and said, “I really appreciate you.” I said, “And I you. You are so very brave, you know.” When I looked at her, there were tears in her eyes. 

When I passed out the test for today, she had the card sitting next to her. 

Maybe this will be a breakthrough. Maybe not. But today was better than yesterday with this young lady. And that’s a good thing. 


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