Today was Friday Fun in Intermediate. At the suggestion of my fabulous co-teacher, I displayed a large sudoku puzzle on the SMART Board and modeled ways to use logic and problem solving to answer the puzzle. 

Some kids impressed me right off the bat. They got it immediately and helped their classmates catch on. Others moaned, “This is hurting my head!”

(What’s that quote? “Americans want everything easy, fast, and for 99 cents”? That’s my life some days. I just want to be like, “You know it’s ok to put some effort into things, right? Like, you actually will survive.” Anyway. Grit, perseverance, etc.–all things I’m passionate about instilling in my kids…not that I’ve figured out how to do that exactly…)

I told my kids, “You can figure these out. You just need to be patient with yourself.”

I’m won’t lie–some kids were not into it. But many surprised me and worked their little hearts out until the bell rang, determined to figure it out. 

It made me really happy to see that several of the kids who were originally convinced that they couldn’t do it actually ended up enjoying it and–more importantly–not giving up on it. 

Also, I have a rediscovered love for Sudoku, so that’s one good thing right there. 


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