Shameless plug

I’ve been searching my mind for one good thing today, but nothing really specific stands out. It was a good, peaceful day in Room 2704. Rainy weather always puts me in a good mood; it makes the twinkle lights (courtesy of a student) illuminate the room in a whole different way. 

I was thinking today how nice the last month or two of classes has been (after the first-of-the-year craziness died down). Don’t get me wrong, there have been stressful situations, but overall, school life seems very calm/manageable right now. (Life with a curious 9-month-old, on the other hand, is never calm. Mostly it’s delightful and certainly entertaining, but never calm.) 

I love my kids. They melt my heart on a daily basis when they see me at the door and greet me by name and with a smile. I love the courses I teach. I love being back down to two preps (a change I honestly wasn’t sure about in the beginning). I love the diversity in my students on pretty much every level. And I love the faculty and staff with which I work. Their dedication to kids always pushes me to get to know more stories and to take more time to listen. I work with some of the most caring, dedicated individuals that are out there. 

(Now go out there tomorrow and use your right to vote to show these Oklahoma public educators how much you value them and our kids. I truly believe this could alter the future of our state–either for better or for worse. Say yes to our kids. They deserve our very best.)


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