Students Engaged – Nice!

So, I was away at a conference for two full days, and when I came back most of my classes needed a full reboot. The sub-plans were either poorly made, poorly executed, or both. I felt rotten when I got back on Monday and felt like Thursday and Friday had been essentially wasted for two of my classes.

Today, however, we got back on track with a series of activities that I learned at a Kagan workshop: timed pair share and quiz-quiz-trade. It was a breath of fresh air and energy in those classes, and I was grateful for getting back on track.

Timed Pair Share: Have the students “wander” around the room…or “mosey” whichever they are more comfortable with. Then say “STOP!”, and have them pair up with the person closest to them (no “fly-bys”–they can’t pass up anyone). Pose a question: “Take turns explaining the difference between parallel and skew lines” or “What is the difference between alternate interior and alternate exterior angles?” or “What is the difference between corresponding angles and consecutive interior angles?”

Quiz-Quiz-Trade: Each student gets a card (it can have the answers on the backside or on an side flap. They go around the room with their hand in the air. They find another person who needs a partner. Then, they high-five, and quiz each other using the card that they have. Once they’re done quizzing one another and verifying the answers, they trade cards and the process continues. This works best for very short answer questions, and I only do it for 5 minutes or so.

Here are a few Quiz-Quiz-Trade Activities that I’ve created:

Geometry Basics: quiz-quiz-switch

Lines Cut By a Transversal: angle-relationships-qqt

The diagrams in the first were created using Geogebra.


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