Test Day

Today was test day in Calculus. Aka not a very exciting day. But, I’ve recently started taking advantage of the message center feature in our grade book and have been loving it. Today, I quickly sent messages to parents of kids whose grades I am a bit worried for and also to parents whose kids earned an A on the exam. I love finding new technology that makes teaching easier and/or more personal. I am kind of obsessed with this feature now. 

Several parents have already messaged me back. One wrote:

We’re proud of him also! It’s teachers like you that continue making differences in your students’ education and life that will change the world. Know that we hold you all in high esteem in this household and will continue to support you in any way we can. 

Listen listen, teachers. According to this mom, not only do we have her support, but she also thinks we are CHANGING THE WORLD. 


There’s an absolutely lovely young lady in my first hour who always tells me goodbye and wishes me a good day as she leaves the classroom. 

Today, students were still testing when the bell rang, so she wanted to be quiet. I sensed someone lingering at the door. When I looked up, she flashed her beautiful smile, waved, and mouthed her usual, “Bye, Mrs. Peterson!”

I cannot handle them and their kindness. 

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