Pizza and friends

Our school is having a college-themed door decorating competition this week through our fourth hours. I sent a message to my class about the details–namely, how to gain points.  (The class with the most points gets a pizza party. Pizza is my love language. Along with coffee and chocolate.)

I wasn’t sure if there would be any takers, but after fourth hour was dismissed a couple girls stayed for a few moments to discuss strategy (they’re clearly as serious about pizza as I am). As they left, they assured me that they had it under control. We’ll see if anything pans out. I was just excited that they were excited about it. 


I let my calc kids make up a test during lunch today, which is something I typically don’t do, but there were so many gone for this test (band nationals) that I wanted to catch them all at once. As lunch neared to a close, it was clear most of these kids were not going to finish. And I wanted them to have the full hour the other students had. 

I couldn’t think of anyone I knew that had fifth hour plan, so I hurriedly texted my dear English teacher friend across the hall to see if I could shuffle the kids to her as I didn’t want them sitting in on a calculus class. She saved my butt and acted like it was no big deal that NINE extra kids used her classroom while she was in the middle of her own class. 

This is what I love about my school–that I work with a team of people who want to see all kids succeed. 

Thank you for being so chill, Whit. You seriously saved me today. 


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