Shelli, a teacher friend of mine that I respect greatly (even though she does teach at the other school 😉) posted on Facebook the other day about how her ticket out the door prompt was “I wish my teacher knew…”

I thought this was brilliant, so I stole it from her. After my calc kids were done with their quiz today, I had them write something about themselves that they wanted me know. I told them it could be something they were looking forward to, something they were not looking forward to, something cool that’s happened, something not cool that’s happened. Basically anything. 

I learned something (mostly) interesting about everyone. Most of them gave me new tidbits like what their favorite show is (we are all anxiously awaiting the Gilmore Girls revival), what sports or clubs they’re in, or where they’ve been accepted into college. 

One girl told me that, in preparing for the quiz, she attempted to teach her grandparents about concavity via Skype! Be still, my heart. 

Another said she recently found out what she believes to be her life’s calling. 

And yet another revealed to me that she had lost a dear friend and mentor very recently. 

Thank you, Shelli, for this incredibly powerful tool.  I got a little closer to learning some stories today. 

And I think that might actually be the whole point of this life: learning each other’s stories. 


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