So many good things today, not the least of which is that WE’RE ON THANKSGIVING BREAK!!


A graduate of UHS whom I had the privilege of knowing through math club and academic team spoke to my three calculus classes today. He’s currently a math major at the University of Tulsa in hopes of becoming a math professor and math/education advocate in the future. This young man is incredibly intelligent but also very humble. He spoke to the kids about the beauty of mathematics (he literally made me tear up first hour), his research in number theory, and then gave some advice about college. 

It was a privilege getting to watch him do what he was clearly made to do. 

We love you, Nitesh. Thanks for sharing your love with us today. 


I got to see THREE other loves also from the fabulous Class of 2015. Though our visit was too short, it always does my soul so good to see these three. They are world-changers. And I’m so proud they’re graduates of UHS. Sheridan, Neel, Ryan: you sure do set the bar high. Miss you dearly. 


In Intermediate today, I told my kids they could make snowflakes to help me decorate the classroom once they finished their assignment. I didn’t force them–just offered. Several, of course, said, “I’m fine.” But the ones who wanted to join in were so sweet. I apologize for stereotyping here, but when teenage boys shyly say, “I’d like to make a snowflake,” or “Can you teach me how to make one?” it takes everything within me to reign in my inner Buddy the Elf. CAN THEY BE ANY CUTER? 

Yes, I will teach you to make all the snowflakes!

❄️ ❄️ ❄️ 


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