We played a game in calc today to help review how f, f’, and f” are related. I was pretty excited to play it: I thought the kids would have fun with it (I also thought it would take all hour). Alas, it was too easy for most of them and in all three classes we still had 20-30 minutes left. 

My calc kids have been drooling over all my new games, and I hate to tell them that the main group I had in mind when writing that grant was not them. So, I did a very non-Peterson thing and just let them play whatever games they wanted for the last half of class. 

It was lovely. I played with them. At one point while my group was engrossed in a game of Ghost Blitz on the floor, I only half-jokingly said, “I’m not sure I would notice if someone left the room right now.” A girl reassured me, “They wouldn’t do that. They’re all having too much fun.”

I looked around the room and sure enough, they all looked like they were enjoying themselves. 

Something I’ve noticed about being a mom the last ten months is this–my baby boy picks up things a lot faster when he’s happy and relaxed. It’s often in the moments that he’s cracking up at something that I notice he’s willing to attempt something new: whether that be a new sound or a cool new dance move. When he’s happy, he learns. 

And so maybe we didn’t learn a ton of new calculus today. But we played some games; we got to know each other a bit better; and we had fun. 

We were all happy today. And happiness is a very good thing. 


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