Hello Again

This morning I forgot something and had to go home-which means I was about 5 minutes late to first hour. As soon as I walked in, the class clapped- literally clapped-and cheered, “Ms. Miller!” I think it was more to do with the sub that was waiting for me than anything but I’ve never been cheered on for entering my room. It was a nice feeling!

In trig, we are doing reference triangles and students have noticed several patterns on their own. Today a student asked a question and another student answered it before I could say anything and got up to go to her desk and show her an explanation.

Yesterday in trig, students helped me figure out how to make the lesson on reference angles easier for next year since it was a struggle for them this year.

I texted a student Happy Birthday this morning and she came and gave me a hug and thanked me for the text.

I made a comment today imitating an adult/parent to a child and they laughed and said “When Ms. Miller really acts our age,” and I said “When Ms. Miller is literally double your age.” Another student was shocked to think that I am 30- he thought I was “fresh out of college” even though I pointed out that I’ve been the high school math teacher since he was in elementary. I have this conversation every year and it still makes me laugh. Let’s just hope the confusion about my age is based on looks and not behavior!




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