Christmas tree and games 

I stayed home with little Jonas yesterday as he recovered from an ear infection. When I returned today, I was overwhelmed by the number of students who seemed genuinely concerned for my son. I shouldn’t be surprised by their sincerity any longer…

I also came back to my easel wrapped in garland and decorated with ornaments, which to this Christmas-lover was the perfect welcome back gift:


I told the kids who were caught up in Intermediate to go pick a game and a group of people and play some board or card games today from my newly purchased stash. I offered to play with them and/or teach them any game they didn’t know how to play. If you know teenagers, you know that this is actually not as exciting to them as one might think. I had to say, “This is what I want you doing today. I don’t want you on your phone all hour. I want you interacting with at least one other person.” 

I often hear the phrase “kids are just so addicted to their phones these days.” Well, first of all, I’m just as bad as they are, so it’s not just kids. But, secondly, I don’t think it’s the hardware we’re addicted to, it’s that we long for connection. And that’s not bad. I think that’s exactly what we were created for. 

The danger is when we substitute actual interactions for internet interactions. 

And so that’s why I want my kids to play games with each other. Because it’s good for us all to interact–especially with people we maybe wouldn’t interact with typically. It’s good to connect–even if it’s over a game that doesn’t require a lot of talking. It’s good to be with each other. 

Because when we get to know people, we stick up for them. 

And the world needs people who stick up for each other. 

Yes, you are reading this correctly: my answer to world peace is board games. 

Sorry. It’s Friday. This is all I got. 


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