The queue 

My calc kids had basically the whole hour today to study for their upcoming test and ask me questions. On these days (actually, most days), I run around the classroom like a mad woman answering questions and then I blink and the hour is up. Students will raise their hands, I will make eye contact and tell them they’re “in the queue,” and then I do my best to get to them in the order I saw their hands. I realize there are easier ways to answer questions, but this method works for me. 

Anyway, I made it to a girl who had her hand raised, but her friend had already started explaining the problem. I listened in for a bit and then told the friend that she should continue on without me. 

“YESSSS!” She was genuinely elated that I wanted her to continue on with the explanation. 

It was so sweet. I love it when my kids enjoy math and enjoy helping each other. It puts me in a very happy place. 


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