Test Day

Today was Calculus’s last unit test before their final. I guess because it’s so close to the end, students seemed to take this test pretty seriously. Like, they actually did what I told them to and started studying in advance. This is a small miracle in and of itself. Truly. 

Test days are not my favorite days. I don’t get to interact with my kids and then I grade over a hundred calculus exams like mad until I can hardly see straight. And that’s with my phone grading the multiple choice portion for me (shameless plug for ZipGrade–check it out ❤️). 

So my good things are that–overall–my students did so beautifully on this test. It’s always rewarding when you know certain students have really been studying hard (and not just the night before) and you see it pay off. It’s a good feeling when you’re actually looking forward to handing back most of the tests. 

Also, as a student-athlete walked in my room, he high-fived me and said, “Test day!!”

“You’ve got this!” I high-fived him back.  

Ok, so maybe not quite the same enthusiasm level as Game Day…but we’re getting there. 😉


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