Some of my kids have really spoiled me with Christmas gifts this year. I’ve gotten such thoughtful presents and notes that I know I will cherish for a long time. I keep every card any student has ever given me so that if I ever want to give up, I can read through them and remember that we do have victories in the classroom worth fighting for and worth staying for. 

Among today’s kind gestures were these beauties:

I love handlettering. So having pieces made just for me by one of my own kids is very special. 


As an aside, secondary teachers tend not to get all the fun end-of-the-year gifts like (some) elementary teachers do. I get it. Your kid now has six or seven teachers and if you have multiple kids then that’s a lot of teachers to bake treats for. But a nice note from your child goes a long ways. You don’t need to add a gift card (although we won’t turn it down!). It just means a lot to us to hear from our kids and their parents that we’re valued. You would be surprised how little it takes to make our week. 🙂


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