Even though this is one of my happiest, most positive years, I just can’t seem to post these regularly. New Year’s Resolution!

I went home sick one day which never happens. I’ve only missed one day in 8 years and that was to buy a car. I hadn’t been feeling well but I thought I could make it through the day. In my 6th hour class, I laid my head down on the desk and students asked if I was okay. I said no and they instantly became very kind. I felt like I was going to pass out and for some reason I thought it would be smart to go to the bathroom. I didn’t say anything- didn’t have time- and just walked out the door. When I didn’t come back, students got my teacher bestie to come check on me. She said “Are you ready to give it up yet?” Honestly I still didn’t…I thought since I just threw up I would instantly feel better. lol She called the principal and told him I was going home. She went to my room and the kids pointed out where I kept my bag and coat and phone. She basically pushed me out the door. I went home and some of my cheerleaders texted to check up on me. The next day all of the students were surprised to see me and were all so worried- “Ms. Miller NEVER gets sick.”

This year we did a Secret Santa gift exchange with my cheer squad and my Student Council. They were so thoughtful with all of theirs gifts- one girl said they were better gifts than she would get from her family. =( The cheerleaders even got me some gifts as well- a teddy bear, my favorite candies, nail polish, and light up glass box with my name on it. It’s rare for teachers to get gifts after elementary school so I felt so spoiled!

The teachers did a Secret Santa exchange as well. I got a large M with Miller spelled on it and a teal chevron bow- absolutely my style! I bought gifts for a teacher who got a new job and so it was his last day at work. He came to thank me and somehow it turned to him complimenting and encouraging me– so thoughtful.

Although End of Course exams makes me hate my life and regret my entire career, 27 out of 31 Geometry students improved from August to December, 14 out of 16 Algebra I, 8 out of 8 Trig, and 15 out of 28 Algebra II students. {Algebra II has always been my downfall, but at least there’s only one huge area for improvement!}

Every year when we voted for Homecoming, the principal announces it over an all-call and every year, I ask him to do it with like 2 minutes left before dismissal. Homecoming isn’t until February but I wanted to do it now so people have 2 weeks to be upset and get over it and start buying those elusive whimsical perfect dresses. We voted on Thursday so he could count and announce Friday afternoon. Friday morning we had a tie and the seniors had to vote again. At 9:30, an all call comes on….the principal says “At this time I would like to announce the Homecoming attendants…but I want to build the suspense so I won’t.” I immediately burst out laughing and the seniors are furious. Then he calls me to make sure I didn’t have a heart attack at the thought of him announcing so it early. It was fantastic.

A student who loves to read and knows I do as well recommended a new author to me and loaded me up with books for Christmas break. ❤

My biggest obstacle as a student admitted- in writing- that I am a good teacher and he likes our class. That itself constitutes a blog post! Can we just thank the Lord for his favor and new mercies every morning! Every. Morning.

I had a really great last day of school/beginning of Christmas break {even if it was last week}! So far this week I have binge watched SO much tv, went to see Moana with my niece and nephew for their first movie, spent hours in bed reading, and spend my days deciding which unhealthy thing to eat first.

May your days be merry and briiiiiiiighhhhhtttt…

…and may all your Christmases be light!



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