Welcome back!

First day back was today! It was hard to say goodbye to the nearly two weeks of uninterrupted time with my boys, but seeing my other kids again always gives me renewed energy. Also, I’m reminded how much more fun this first day is for me than the first day in August. #introvert

In Intermediate, we started domain and range. They rocked it. Domain and range, you all. On the first day back. Praises. 

In Calculus, I asked my kids who the two inventors of the field were. Much to my dismay, each class basically said “Newton and that other guy.” (I’m so sorry, Leibniz. I swear I’m trying here.

One kid said, “Aren’t you related to one of them?”

As I’m sure you just did, I laughed out loud. “Sadly, I’m related to neither Newton nor Leibniz, to my knowledge. You may be thinking of the fact that I’m an academic descendent of Einstein.”

Of course, this got their attention. I explained how my advisor’s advisor was advised by Einstein. Obvious, these previous four men all have their PhD’s…and I do not. But I still claim it. 🤷‍♀️ 

I continued on with the math. 

Minutes later, a student brought it up again. You never really know if they’re genuinely interested or if they’re just trying to waste time or both. But the kids decided that they, too, are academically related to Einstein, which many of them were quite pleased about. ❤❤


The best part of my day was after the last bell had rung and a previous student walked into my room, arms open wide. 

The worst part about teaching is having to say goodbye to the students you’ve come to love and admire. But when they come back–on their own time–it does the heart so good. 

Before I could even ask Delaney how engineering school was going, she had taken all my holiday decor down for me, something I was stressing about doing. 

You become family with a lot of these kids. You get them. They get you.  And that’s something only teachers have. 


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