Goodbye and hello

One of our Intermediate kids last semester was all of a sudden dropped from our roster. Turns out, he had started attending  our alternative school, which is great for him, but I was secretly a little sad that he never told us. 

Before school today, he walked in my room and told my co-teacher and me that he just wanted to stop in and tell us he was at Alt Ed now. “I never got to tell you guys bye or nuthin…”

We played it cool, don’t worry. But as soon as he left, we both melted in our seats. This is a kid that one day wouldn’t do any work, so we asked him to stay after class. He told us he didn’t believe he was smart. And so we were both on a mission to show him his value. I’m so sad he’s not in our class anymore, but I know Alt Ed is a great place for him.


Last semester, one of my calc students’ parents wanted him to drop all his AP classes. I had been in contact with the parent all semester; in the end, I felt the child should stay in Calculus. Not just for the math, but I felt the consistency would be good for this student.

I didn’t hear back from the parent. 

The student disappeared from my roster. 

So, I figured that was that. 

And then today he showed up and said he was back in class!

“Dad let you back in?” 


“Do you want to be here?”


That’s all we need. 

I get that grades are important. But they’re not everything. Sometimes it’s really ok to get a C. Sometimes those C’s are to be celebrated greatly. And it’s also important that parents know that we’re not just teaching your kids math or English or science or history or art or music or business or fill-in-the-subject. We’re trying to teach your kids work ethic and compassion, time management and gratitude, organization and kindness, respect and perseverance. These things may or may not come across in a grade. But know that they are being taught. Look past those letter grades here and there and remember all that is learned at school. And don’t stress too much over the grades. Your kids are too important for that. 


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