Favorite words 

Intermediate has been a bit crazy this week, as it always is this time of year. It’s a class that gets more than the average amount of new students at semester. Typically, every kid that transfers in should, indeed, be in Intermediate; nonetheless, it takes a while for me, the new kids, and the returning kids to find our groove again. 

At least, I think so. 

Someone tell me we will find our groove again. Eight new faces and stories–nothing we can’t handle, right?

A bright spot in sixth hour was when one of my kids who had lamented last week that she did not care for domain and range today said, “This is easy now.”

I think I screamed a little. “Four of my favorite words!” I told her. 

We’ll make it. Slowly and methodically and with growing pains, for sure. But we will grow and get better and be better and add more members to our family when it’s all said and done. 


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