Racing Unicorns 

We raced space ships, unicorns, and bears today in calculus through Socrative as we reviewed some material from last semester. 

I had the best job of freezing and then unfreezing the screen to reveal the leader board after each question:

Racing unicorns… 🦄

Every time I revealed the board, the class would holler–some kids thrilled they inched forward, others disappointed that they remained stationary. We would discuss the question and then move on to the next one. 

Occasionally I would attempt to give them hints for that round’s question. I started to do so towards the end of one of the hours and a boy quipped, “HEY!” As in, “Don’t give anything away.” The stakes were high (candy), after all, as he reminded me. I apologized, shut my mouth, and sat down–one very happy teacher. 

That’s the goal, after all: for them not to need us in the end. 


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