Build each other up 

I told my calc kids that starting with today’s lecture, the rest of my lessons are on YouTube as it was around this time last year that Jonas was to make his appearance, so I had made videos the summer before (not knowing I would have a fabulous sub who taught calculus). 

The kids were so genuinely thankful. “This is amazing!” “Thank you so much, Mrs. P!”

I don’t know. They were just so sweet about it. And I didn’t even make those videos for them, originally. 

I realized how much I genuinely love my group of calculus students this year. Every year the group has its own personality. But this year’s group is particularly kind and encouraging.  

I think I’ll keep them. 😀


One of my Intermediate kids was asked to go visit with his supervisory teacher immediately after my class. I caught his teacher in the hall later in the day and asked if he had made it. She said he did and that she had just wanted to give him a pat on the back for doing so well recently. I told her that I had called his mom just the other day to brag on him, too. She said that the encouragement would mean a lot to both him and his parents as “it’s been a long time coming.”

I’ve worked in this building for almost six years and so these things shouldn’t surprise me anymore. But when I think about how we serve so many kids (about 3400 grades 10-12) and yet do our darndest to individualize for each of them–to the extent that one kid gets two teachers (at least) to take non-class time to praise him…well, that’s a pretty great place and a pretty amazing culture we have. 

This place has taught me so much about loving kids and building them up. I am forever indebted. 

Encourage one another and build each other up. 

-The Apostle Paul


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