Full circle 

This morning was hectic. While I was in collaboration, Jonas’s teacher called. She’s never called during the school day so I knew immediately something was not right. 

Jonas had taken a pretty hard fall (no surprise there–the kid is only still if he’s sleeping). Thankfully, Brett was able to take a personal day and get Jonas to the doctor and all glued up. Needless to say, I was a little distracted. 

First hour rolled around. We played a game to review motion, and I seriously started to wonder if my kids remembered any calculus they learned before break. 

Second hour came and my Intermediate kids were just as needy. Again, who were these kids and what did they do to my class?

Third hour is my plan period, when I have time to look at emails that have come in throughout the morning. As I scanned my inbox, I saw an email from a last name I recognized immediately. It was from a mom of a former student. She wrote to encourage me and to tell me her daughter was pursuing a degree in education, in part because of the experience she had at Union High School. This kind woman shared with me an essay her daughter had written about why she wanted to be a teacher. She graciously wrote about her two years in my classes. 

This morning I was feeling like I was making no difference. “How have we forgotten so much math so quickly…?” I kept thinking. 

But this mom’s letter reminded me that what kids remember is how you made them feel and how you pushed them towards excellence and how you helped them believe they can accomplish what they once thought impossible. 

The math is important. But it’s not everything. 

I’m so lucky to be a small part of the lives of kids who want to use their education not to make money or become famous…but to help future generations–to help my kid become the best version of himself. 

Oh, Jonas… 💔💔💔


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