Entertainment value 

I feel like my kids were just extra cute today. 

In calc, I told the kids that we were combining u-substitution and definite integrals today, and one of the kids yelled, “It’s like Christmas!” To which I responded, “For me, yes, it definitely is.” He also noticed that the graph of a function we were trying to find the area of looked like a rotated integral symbol and thought that was ironic. 

Kid was on a roll today. 


One of our Intermediate kids was bummed yesterday because his grade wasn’t what he wanted it to be. “Well, where is your work?” we asked him. 

“I think I threw it away.”

“Um. Ok. What are we supposed to do about that?”

No answer. 

Today as I greeted him at the door, he was all smiles (which is honestly a little rare for this kid). “Miss! I found my papers! They were here!” He pointed to his coat pocket. (Why he doesn’t just use the folder I provided for him is beyond me, but moving along…)

“That’s fabulous! Do you have them with you?”



“I bring them tomorrow!”

Oh my word. Can you get any cuter? I think not. 


One of my Intermediate kids from last year came by my room after school to show me what he’s learning in Algebra 2. “It’s kinda hard but kinda cool. I need to just show you.”


Kids are simply the best and funniest and most tender-hearted. Life would be so boring without them. 


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