My kids 

I had to take the day off on Friday. When I got back today, I was so pleased to find out that my calc kids like their sub, watched my lecture online, and completed their assignment with seeming ease. “How did it go?” I asked them. “Good. We liked the video. When you would ask questions, we would answer…like you were in the room with us.”



I have three lovely students who are going to Florida in a few days to represent our school at Pom Nationals. They’ll be missing four days of school. They told me this as soon as the semester started in the beginning of January. 

Last week they asked if they could stay after school today to learn the material they’ll be missing. 

I have a lot of kids miss class a lot for all kinds of school activities. I absolutely love that my students get to have such rich experiences outside the classroom. However, typically we play catch up once they get back, which often puts more work on the teacher. 

But not my UVP girls. These girls spent their free time after school today to review material so they can take their upcoming assessment early. 

I just think that speaks volumes to how these ladies have been parented and coached.  I’m thankful for their leadership in our athletic department and our school. 


One of my students borrowed a copy of Steven Strogatz’s beautiful book, The Joy of x.  I got this message from him tonight:

How much would I have to pay you to keep The Joy of X book forever…? I just finished it, and I need my kids to one day read it. It’s brilliant.

These are the kinds of kids I teach, y’all. Yes, you should be jealous. 


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