The little things 

Many little things did not go my way today. I was frustrated and tired before it was even lunchtime. And after lunch, more little things did not go my way. I just wanted to be done with the day, go home, and play with my boy. 

About a half hour before school got out, one of my students asked if she could make a phone call. I told her to leave the classroom but stand where I could see her. To be honest, I thought, “Girl, you’ve missed the last four days of school. Can this call wait?” But I let her make the call. When she came back she put her head on her desk and started to quietly sob. 

I took her out into the hall and asked what was wrong. Her story is not mine to tell, but I promise it is heartbreaking. 

Lord, this job. 

Just when you think, “No, not today. Don’t ask me to be ‘on’ anymore,” it hits you–again–that maybe your classroom or your school is the one safe place a kid has all week long. Maybe your halls are the only place a student sees adults that will not abandon her but stand up for her and fight for her. 

All my little things…the things that don’t go my way…they so do not matter. All that really matters is ours kids. And, yeah, sometimes they’re hard to love. Sometimes they’re easy to love. But that’s not so much the point. The point is: they all need that love and need to know we have an endless supply of it for each of them, every day. 

Nobody said it was going to be easy. 


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