A card

Last Friday my calc kids wrote something–anything–they wanted me to know about themselves that I didn’t already know.

On Monday I sent a few cards out as a response to some of their notes (not many, like four, I think). 

The things I love about snail mail are the personal touch as well as the permanency. The downfall is it’s not immediate, like texting or calling. It was almost a week later by the time these kids got my responses. 

One young man’s note in particular both touched and broke my heart. He was one of the kids I wrote to on Monday. 

Today after his class was dismissed, I saw him hang by my desk. 

“Hey, bud–what’s up?”

“Mrs. Peterson, I just wanted to thank you for your card. It meant so much to me. It completely made my day,” he said, bowing slightly with his hand on his heart, as is customary in his culture. 

He totally took me by surprise. But taking the time to thank me for something so little melted my heart. 

I want my kids to learn algebra and calculus, yes. But more than anything–kindness. Kindness is so much more important than any book knowledge I could impart. 

And yet, so often, it’s the kids who show me how kindness and gratitude really work. 


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