Limited Edition 

Yesterday my calc kids built their own 3D shapes using a given region and known cross sections and then used integrals to calculate the volumes. I remember a couple years ago prepping this project, with my sister’s help. I was so excited about my kids getting to build their own structures, as opposed to just looking at the ones I had made. 

Now that the project is a couple years old, I, of course, question its educational value. Is it worth the preparation and class time? Does it solidify the math, or is it just something semi-fun to do?

Today one of my students remarked, “Yesterday’s lesson was really easy for me. Especially after we built our own models, it made a lot of sense.”

Ugh. Don’t you love it when they answer your own questions? I guess we’re keeping this mini-project! I just love it, and if it helps even a handful of students, it’s worth it. 

Here are some of their finished products. ❤


When I got back to my desk in between classes, there was a bag of chocolate eggs and a card waiting on my textbook. The chocolates are apparently only seasonal, and are one of my student’s favorites. She wrote, “Just like these eggs, you are limited edition.”

You’ll be glad to know I read this during lunch so I didn’t have to hold it together in front of kids. 

We have to learn from these students’ kindness and generosity. We have to give words of life and love as openly as they do…and encourage them never to lose this sense of openness and inclusion. 


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