Talking math 

A couple of my calc girls sat in my room during my plan and worked on homework together. 

Every teacher is a nerd in her respective field. 

And when we hear our kids nerd out on our subject, we are flooded with euphoria. 

Today I listened to these girls talk through problem after problem together, each time their discourse becoming smoother and easier. They paused often to remark how much they love this part of calculus (be still, my heart). 

When they had finished one of their final problems, one of the girls said, “I feel so smart.”

“You should!” I told them, “I’ve been listening to your conversation, and I’m very impressed by you two.”

Obviously I love that they loved doing their homework (don’t be fooled, I don’t think this is a frequent occurrence). But even more, I love the confidence math education can give my kids. When kids feel like they can conquer math, you can see their self esteem rise. 

I’m a big believer in making calculus education as attainable and as accessible to as many kids as possible because I believe kids will do more math when they feel they’re good at it. And when they do more math, you can push them farther…oftentimes farther than anyone else ever beloved they could go, including themselves. 


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