Corn dogs and talks

I teach a calc section right after lunch. Today, one of my boys waltzed in proudly and announced, “Fifty cent corn dogs today at Sonic! I got eight!”

Horrified, I asked, “But you didn’t eat all eight, right?” 

“Yeah! Mrs. P! You gotta take advantage! My friend ate ten!”

“Oh my” was all I was able to respond with. 

In the middle of the lecture, I heard a grumble: “Oh, Mrs. P. I’m starting to regret the corn dogs…”

I laughed out loud. 

This is just so descriptive of what I love about teaching teenagers: they’re not quite children (Mom doesn’t pack their lunches) but also not quite adults (they think it’s normal to eat eight corn dogs). And the combo is just my favorite. It produces both hilarious and heartfelt moments every day. 


After school,  another one of my calc kids came in to finish his homework. When he was done, we talked for a while, and I got to learn more of his story. 

I’m always thankful for the time I get to know my kids on a non-math level. I’d be lying if I said I knew them all the same. I wish I did. But learning more stories has been one of my goals this school year, so I’m grateful for the dialogue I get to have when we’re not in class. 


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