Today in calculus we did some fairly hefty mathematics. We solved our first differential equation. We combined several logarithm rules to retwrite long expressions into rather beautiful numbers. We even read a whole chapter (“Loves Me, Loves Me Not”) from Steven Strogatz’s book, The Joy of X

But you know what really threw my kids over the edge? 

I taught them how to store a value into their calculator. 

Two key strokes. 

They went crazy over two little key strokes. 

Never mind the diff eqs, the elegant algebra, or the literacy skills I attempted to throw in. 

No no, none of that was impressive. 

But not having to re-type ten digits? Now that’s impressive. That’s useful. 

Sorry, Newton. 

The great physicist and mathematician said, “It is useful to solve differential equations.”

But the kids today decided: “It is useful to know how to store a value into my calculator.”

They’re not wrong. 

And I secretly love that there are aspects of technology of which I still know more than they do and with which I can still impress them. 😆


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