Poster books 

When kids have a birthday, I give them an option of a Harry Potter poster (from one of those poster books) or a piece of candy. The kids love the Harry Potter posters. I have no idea what they do with said posters, but they love them. Sadly, I ran out of posters (which were originally given to me by an English teacher). I looked them up on Amazon and they weren’t outrageously priced, but they just weren’t something I wanted to spend money on at the time. 

They can live with candy, I told myself. 

Today, one of my calc kids came up to me and said, “These are for you!” and handed me TWO Harry Potter poster books. 


Who are these kids??

Who thinks of supplying his teacher with things to give her other students?

I mean seriously. That’s my job, not his. 

And yet sometimes they do my job so very well…

It humbles me deeply and makes me want to work to provide the very best learning environment I can for them. Which now continues to include birthday posters thanks to our generous beneficiary. 


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