Group Text

One of my students came in a little early this morning (quiz day, you know). “Just so you know, we’re all going to ask you about Number 10. We’re in a big group chat and none of us knew how to do it.”

Ok, yes, at first I was a little annoyed by the statement as I foresaw this question yesterday and told them what homework to look over. I’ll be honest about that. 

But then it hit me that my kids created a group text to talk about calculus…and I didn’t care as much about the fact that they all needed help with Number 10. That’s twelve (not-so-easy) problems they were able to figure out as a team. ❤


After school today, we got an email saying that child care will be provided for our kids during parent-teacher conferences. 

That email made me really proud to work for my school. That’s what a community does–we take care of each other; we acknowledge when we have to make sacrifices; and we come up with ways to support one another. 


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