Dice and Candy 🎲 🍭 

We played a really simple game in calculus today: I put two dice up on the Smart Board and gave the kids a card with a problem on the front and the answer on the back. I told them that once they got the question right, they could come roll the dice. If they got a seven, eleven, or doubles, then they could get a piece of candy and trade in their card for a new one and go again. In my head, I knew this would require a lot of candy, as you have higher than a one in three chance of rolling a seven, eleven, or doubles. In hindsight, I should have just done doubles. But I wanted everyone to leave with candy! Leave with candy they did…it was like Halloween in Room 2704 today. 

After first hour, my stash was nearly depleted (I still had two more calc classes to go). I texted Brett with an SOS and asked if he could go get some candy during his lunch break. 

Because he’s Brett, he replied immediately that he’d be happy to do that. He walked into my room with a Target bag full of candy literally the moment we were ready to start playing the game in my next calc class. 

The game was fun and fulfilled my one criteria of the kids doing all the work. Giving them the answers worked well because I didn’t have to run around the room like a crazy lady to check their work all day. 

But, as much as I enjoyed watching my kids do calculus all hour and rushing to the Smart Board to roll a couple of virtual dice, my real one good thing is Brett. I was just thinking this morning, actually, that if I’ve ever been able to extend love and grace to a student it’s because I’m a vessel of his love and grace. The things he does go so much more unseen than the things I do. Things like doing the work of buying candy during his lunch break when I’m the one who gets to hear all day long, “Thanks for the candy, Mrs. P!”

The man doesn’t blink an eye when I say I need something for my classroom: whether that’s supplies or candy or time to write rec letters or a shoulder to cry on. He’s always giving to me. Always. 

You’re my Number One, Brett. I would never have tried high school teaching without your encouragement. I wouldn’t have stayed without your support.  

I’m so very grateful that you knew my passion even before I did. 

Love you to infinity and beyond. 


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