Work day 

I gave calc a work day today in preparation for their upcoming test. I have a love-hate relationship with work days.  I like that I get to walk around and check in with each kid multiple times. I don’t like the battle of trying to keep thirty-some students on task for a whole hour (who, by the way, are mostly seniors and basically all BFFs…how does happen…?). 

[Also. Seniors. God bless them. But sometimes you just miss how they were as juniors, don’t you? You all who teach seniors know exactly what I’m talking about.]

But today was a different kind of work day. At least in two of my three calc sections, everyone pretty much stayed on task. I had time to make multiple laps around the room and check on everyone repeatedly, and I pretty much always got, “I’m good for now, Mrs. P. Thank you.” 

Every time I would take a peak at their work, I would realize that, yes, they really were good. 


Some kids even asked if they could still take the final, even if they’re taking the AP Exam (which allows them to waive the final). These are seniors asking to improve their grades their final semester.  Seniors who have been accepted into colleges long ago. 

Is this real life, guys?


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