I’ve had a lot of small moments in the past few months where I thought “I should post this on the One Good Thing blog”… but I didn’t. Because I feel like I’ve been in a slump, and busy (both terrible combinations), and so I thought “I’m not worthy and I don’t have time.” But I know remembering this nice moments — really capitalizing on them — is important to making me realize I’m actually not awful. So even though it’s only a few days before spring break, I’m going to post!!!

Yesterday it was around 5:30pm and I was in my office doing optimization problems my multivariable calculus kids found/created. And bounding in comes student I taught last year (and who I wrote a letter of recommendation for). He had just found out that he had gotten into one of his first choice schools, and wanted to share it with someone, and said “I know you’re always here” (whomp whomp). He was so excited about it, and I felt so awesome that he wanted to share this great news with me!

Also, we had a snow day on pi day (Tuesday). So a student group who raises money for kids with cancer held their pi(e) day sale yesterday (Wednesday). And all Tuesday, snowed in, I craved a delicious slice of pie. So seeing this sale was epic, and I bought this piece of homemade blueberry pie which was unbelievable. So that definitely counts as one good thing.


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