No power

I’ve been trying to instill in my calculus babies that if they don’t know how to work a problem at first glance, skip it and come back to it if there’s time. I know these kids, and I know that many of them get flustered easily and let a small hiccup overtake them, and they lose their cool. 

I’ve been telling them: “Do NOT let one little problem have power over you. If you feel yourself getting anxious, you move on. You may even be pleasantly surprised that you do, indeed, know how to work the problem once you give yourself some distance from it.”

Today, a group of boys was working a particularly challenging part of an FRQ. 

One of them looked at me, then pushed his face all the way to his desk and spoke to his paper, “You will NOT have power over me!”

Oh lordy. 

You don’t get this kind of humor unless you get to work with kids all day. 

In all fairness, he was somewhat mocking me. 

But–I think I’m starting to get my point across. 😜


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