Review Quiz, Take 1

Today my calc kids took the first of four review quizzes leading up their mock exam. Two very good things about this:

  1. In the past, I’ve stayed up late the four Thursday nights before each of these quizzes because the kids submit the MC questions that I use on the quizzes (and I write the FRQ). It would take me quite a while to figure out which problems I wanted to use and then type them all up. So. Much. Work. This year I wisened up in two regards: first, the questions were due on Thursday before my planning period (instead of at the end of the day); second, I just took pictures of the problems I chose (DocScan for the win) instead of typing them all up. I had two versions made by the end of my planning period (as opposed to one version made by then end of the night). Sure, the quizzes didn’t look as pretty, but who cares?! DONE BY THE END OF PLAN?! I didn’t take any work home! 💃🏻
  2. The kids’ average was an 85%. For this type of quiz (and for how shaky they seemed at the beginning of the week), that’s a score I’m super proud of. I’m starting to breathe again. They just might pass the AP Exam after all.

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