Too good 

A couple months ago, my best English teacher friend told me about how one of our local TV stations recognizes a “Student of the Week” every week. She had proof-read a rec letter for me earlier for a student we share and suggested we both nominate this student for the award. 

Today I got an email saying that our student was chosen. I emailed Whitney right away and we delivered the news together. Our student held in tears as she thanked us and told us we were “too good to her.”

That’s when I had to hold in the tears. 

Too good to her?

Was she kidding?

She is the one who has enriched our lives. There’s no such thing as being too good to some of these kids. So many of them need all the goodness we can give and more. 

While this student has had so much bad in her life, she is a shining light of all things Good. 

There’s no way we’re too good to her. 

But we’re thankful that someone so good is getting a small sliver goodness tomorrow night at 5PM and 9PM on Channel 6 News. 😊


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