Parent-teacher conferences were tonight for our to-be juniors and seniors. Since I teach primarily seniors fourth hour (calculus), I didn’t have many conferences, so I got to to talk to the few parents I had conferences with without feeling rushed. 

The enrollment part typically goes pretty fast. But afterwards each of the parents took the time to thank me for teaching their kids. I think each of them asked me if I could loop with their student again. One mom said, “You’re the relief to my son’s day–every day.”

No words of thanks sink deeper than those from parents. Each of these adults reminded me how important our work is. These parents entrust us with their most valuable possession. Each kid that sits in my room is someone’s Jonas (and if not, then our work is just that much more vital). 

I admit I don’t always know what my kids are going through. I’m not proud of that statement. But, the longer I do this, the more I realize that I’d rather err on the side of grace than judgment. I hope to be relief when relief is needed; love when love is needed; inclusion when inclusion is needed. 


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