One week down 

I survived the first week of block, guys!!!

I was a little scared for yesterday and today as they were my days with no plan and four hours and five minutes with my Intermediate Algebra classes. Not that I’m counting. Don’t get me wrong, I love those kids. But sometimes it’s a struggle to keep their conversations appropriate for sixty minutes…let alone two hours. 

Yet somehow the last two days were quite calm. I did my roll my eyes more than once, and I did have to remind students that we don’t speak disparagingly about others when we’re in 2704, and we apologize when we’re late to class. I had to tell the same kids multiple times that if I can hear their music, it’s too loud. 

But all in all, you know, those are pretty small potatoes. 

We did it. No major drama, people. This is big for me. I haven’t had this much time with a non-advanced group since my first year of teaching high schoolers…which was not my finest year, let’s be real. 

AND! My principal approved my request to watch the fabulous movie Stand and Deliver next week, so I’m hoping my kids will (a) love me because we never ever watch movies in class, (b) stay calm and quiet for a couple hours (I know–one can dream, right?), and (c) have some good discussions about race and poverty and education. 

More to come. 


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