Jonas comes to visit 

My sister watched Jonas for us today as his daycare teacher had a scheduled personal day. So, of course I insisted that part of his day be lunch with me. They came at the end of fourth hour, stayed for lunch, and then left ten minutes or so into fifth hour–which allowed a lot of my students to meet him, many for the first time. 

I loved having my son there. I know he’s still very young, but I like to think that part of him started to piece together what Mom does. I’m proud of the work I do every day. And it’s important to me that my son grows to value the work I do, also. 

One of the best parts was seeing and hearing my students’ reactions. While I want my son to be proud of me as a teacher, I also want my students to be proud of me as a mom. That sounds funny, I know. But it’s true. I want to be the kind of mom that makes a good teacher, and I want to be the kind of teacher that makes a good mom. The go hand-in-hand. Patience and attentiveness: those are the two traits I’m working on in these two roles. 

Later in the day I received a message from a student saying she hadn’t had a great day, but that seeing Jonas made it better. 

I don’t know how toddlers can do that. My best friend calls it “the ministry of toddlers.” Something in them is healing and life-giving and they don’t even have to try. 

“Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.”

-Matthew 18:5


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