The kids I teach 

This week is a crazy one for calculus. I only see my kids two days this week (for two hours each time) and then we have Friday off…but my troops are coming in any way to take their AP Mock Exam that day. 

A kinder teacher would slow this week down for them, but I’m still planning on having them take their fourth and final Review Quiz during their second block of class this week (I am letting them use notes for this one, so there’s that). 

On top of this, I have students who are taking the Mock early this week because of prior responsibilities on Friday; other kids are making up previous Review Quizzes. It feels like a mad house of testing in my room right now. 

I would apologize except I know that this madness gets results. 

Not letting up works. 

Demanding their best works. 

Not allowing laziness–even when we’re all tired–works. 

Actually, no. None of those things work. 

None of them work unless the kids like you and trust that you know what you’re doing to get them to where they want to be. 

As the wonderful Rita Pierson said: “Kids don’t work for people they don’t like.”

I’ve pushed these kids so hard, guys. But not a single complaint have I heard. Not one. 

I say, “Here’s the stuff you’ll be expected to know for tomorrow’s quiz,” and they say, “Ok, Mrs. P.” Or, “I won’t be here, do you want me to take it early?”

They may complain privately, I don’t know. But in my class, they just keep showing up and trying their best. 

And that’s all I could ever want. 


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