Easter card 

I came home today to an Easter card from a former student. 

Sometimes the love that surrounds me and my little family takes my breath away. 

I was asked to do an on-camera interview today about a student I nominated for an award. (I was terrible, by the way. I could not think of a single good answer, and the whole time I was like, “Why me? WHY ME?”) Anyway, I don’t remember exactly what I was asked (already trying to block out this experience), but I remember saying something to the effect that our kids give us so much more than we could ever give them. Yeah, I try to teach them how to think like mathematicians. But in return, they give me purpose; they give me hope for the future; they give me love and encouragement. (Why couldn’t I have said it like that…?)

An Easter card reminds me that my career has given me so much more than a job…it’s given me a family. 


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