Today after school I went to a meeting for one of my kiddos to discuss his plans for attending Tulsa Tech part-time next year (his senior year). 

This kid is seriously gold. He’s such a hard worker and so respectful. It’s hard to get many words out of him, but he’s got a smile that will melt your heart in a moment and replaces any needed words. 

As we sat in his meeting today, he translated for his mother, who never fails to show up to these meetings before all of us teachers. 

The Tulsa Tech representative explained a bit about the automotive repair program my student plans to be in next year. The rep later told him that if he likes the program, he can continue on to their two-year adult program upon high school graduation. “Because you will be a new high school graduate, you will qualify for a scholarship that will waive the tuition portion of this program.”

He repeated himself, “You can go through this program at little to no cost.”

I wanted to cry. 

Because I cry at everything. 

But seriously though. I mean this is amazing. 

I believe in what we do at the high school level. But I also believe that kids need more than a high school degree these days. In the same breath, I don’t believe every kid needs a four-year liberal arts degree. 

But schooling beyond the high school level isn’t always cheap. 

That’s why we need partners. 

Partners like Tulsa Tech who will support our kids while they’re in high school and then continue the journey with them after graduation to make sure they have a viable career option. 

But these partnerships don’t just happen. 

They take years of work and struggle and trial and error and negotiation.

But, I’m here to say: it’s worth it. 

It’s worth it when you see these kids’ faces light up when they realize: I can do something with my life. 

Math and English and science and history are great. But we have a real responsibility to make sure we’re educating all our kids for their future careers…not just the ones who are college bound. 

That’s why I’m so proud to work for the district in which I currently serve. I love teaching calculus to my kids who plan to go on to college. But I also love getting to go to Tulsa Tech meetings and hearing about other opportunities that are available for my kids. 

All kids matter. Each path is to be celebrated and held in the highest esteem. 


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